I am glad you are curious about my tiles. I am Agustina Arce, I am from Spain and I live in Holland from 2003. After a career in engineering, I started some years ago working and designing with epoxy resin. The result is a striking series of epoxy resin decorative wall tiles.     The tiles are completely new and unique in the market . Arce’s 3d Tiles provide innovative and surprising opportunities for your interior. Be amazed by the results. Ornate wall tiles for the best applications in your interior! These beautiful tiles of epoxy resin will give a touch of joy and colour to your home, bar, pub, disco, restaurant or museum. Arce’s 3D Tiles can give you advice on colour, highlight and dimensions to get the result you wish with these special tiles.    
Clarity of glass and strength of epoxy resin.
The tiles are made of the best transparent epoxy resin available on the market. The resin remains clear! The tile has the brightness of glass and the strength of resin. The tiles have a very chic and actual look. You may also frame them like this:
arces 3D tiles met stijger hout
Have a look in our catalogue! There you have some nice examples of tiles we already have made. But the most beautiful still is not made! In order to improve the production process and create new products, I am looking for an investor who sees future in our products and can give us and my company a boost that allows us to optimize our position in the market. Up to this moment, entire manufacturing process is done manually. After lengthy research I know now how to produce my tiles faster, easier and cheaper. If you have any questions or want more information, please do not hesitate to contact me!  

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