FIRST MOTHER, THEN THE LOVE FOR MY WORK: GetAttachment     Hi all, I’m Spanish, Nederland resident from 2003. Until then I’d worked in Spain as Technical Architect since 1997 when I finish my career. Living in the Netherlands and the latest events in my life (having a daughter in 2007, looking at death from near and …quickly running out to hug my loved ones and enjoy life doing what I love) has changed me in every way .   In this years I realized that I’m very, very, very creative and handy. On 1 January 2011 I decided to create my own company: ARCE’S, ranging from giving advice for the interior of a home, changes spaces, style, colours, etc … to my latest discovery: transparent RESIN. I want to experiment with this material and make all sorts of things, from what you can see in my web, up to tables, lamps, walls, tiles, maybe floors etc …   I discovered the resin, looking in my depths and asking to myself what I really like and with what I enjoy: colours, crystal, beautiful things and delight others. To work with glass or crystal is much more difficult and expensive, so I found as alternative transparent resin. I give it colour with all kinds of images. Researching  on the internet, reading and experimenting I’ve done what you can see in my web.   I have thousands of new ideas to work with resin that soon you will see in my web.   I hope you enjoy my work, I would love to meet you if you are interested in my work, or if you wanted to know more you can contact me anytime via email or call without problem.   links to OTHER ARCE’S WEBSITES:  ARCEWEB  THUISARCHITECT    KUSSENS MET KNOOP  

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