Architects , interior designers
… Because Arce3D Tiles gives colour to the tiles through images and pigments , it has a very wide colour spectrum.
The tiles provide innovative and unique opportunities for the interior
. Arce’s 3D Tiles develops specially for restaurants , hotels, discos , pubs , museums and for individuals with exclusive taste , those looking to add to their
interior something special
. The tiles are developed by Arce’s 3D Tiles in consultation with my customer .
Designers and architects can create your own style and
by choosing the colour, shape, pattern and size for the exclusive use of their customers. Thus having their own series.
And individuals
… : Your own unique tile You can specify the colour , pattern , photo, text and even what form you want to apply the tile itself .
Arce’s 3D Tiles manufactures fully to your idea
and give you advice. So you have your own unique tile on the wall , that you can enjoy with justifiable pride. If you have any questions or want more information, please do not hesitate to contact me!
You can always choose
Colour – Form – Transparency – Embossed – Format – pattern – Image – Text

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