My beach treasures!

From a little child I collect small treasures from the sea and …I still do it and I love to do it! Actually… I can not without it! I think, I find the way to mix it more into myself and that is: let everybody see them… and a nice way to show them is on a old piece of used construction wooden plank like this ones!         20140911_111152   Zahara de los atunes, Cadiz. Spain. Shells from my favorite beach in Spain, where I get married in 2005. 20140911_111000   Tavira, Algarve. Portugal. ….When you find something in the sea, normally it is wet… and so is how I like to see it or how I liked the first time I saw it, but then it get dry looks diferent and not better… so I like the way I found them (wet) … then, I try to make them again “for ever wet” with a thick layer of epoxy resin! So they are again beautiful for me and now also for you! 20140911_111048 From diferent seas! (man made things)   20140911_111111   Veeeery small mussels from the Old “Zuiderzee”, old south sea, The Nederlands.   20140911_110802   Nice tipisch striped shells from the North sea (the Nederlands) and my favorite from Cadiz in the middle…. …..      Imaging that they can talk and… everybody look at her, the one in the middel, amazed and think: what is this.. so diferent?   20140911_111028     A Collection of very small pieces of wood …of the last holidays with our boat in the Nederlands this year, 2014, in the now lake named “Ijsselmeer” that in old times was the south sea or in ducht: Zuiderzee, the name of our boat!  : )    

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